Tod Michael Volpe’s ability to generate quantifiable trendsetting opportunities within art markets and media is unparalleled. From New York to Los Angeles, Europe to the Middle East, Tod has not only mastered the present-day art world, he played a leading role in creating it. Through his exclusive consulting services in art investment strategies, art law, and media, Tod delivers nearly forty years of expertise to both individuals and corporations.

Dubbed “The Oracle” by Vogue magazine and awarded for his contributions to the Arts by The Vice President, Tod has consistently produced tangible results. A true pioneer, Tod spearheaded the development of the art scene in world-renowned New York City art district SoHo, introduced world-class art and established art collections among Hollywood’s elite, educated and furnished European Museums and residences of seminal European figures with American Decorative Art, and established Dubai as an essential international locale for Western art exhibitions and fairs.

Tod’s vision, acumen and experience enable him to foresee and utilize market opportunities. His savvy and intuitive use of media, exemplified by the hit movie Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?, which he both co-starred in and co-created, empowers him to selectively promote, market, and create a genuine fervor around a piece of art, a collection, or a concept.

Tod’s memoir “Framed”, about his life in the art world, is now being adapted as a major feature film. The screenplay is written by Academy Award-nominated, and Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning writer Terrance Winter (“Wolf of Wall Street”, “Board Walk Empire”, “The Sopranos”).

Whether you are a company or private investor looking to acquire works of art, an individual or legal firm seeking guidance through the inner-workings of the art world, possess a collection or specialty item in need of promotion and marketing, or seek an expert media consultant, Tod’s unique approach creates groundbreaking results.


TOD VOLPE, Chief Executive Officer

tod volpe

Tod Volpe’s expertise in art connoisseurship and market investments is unsurpassed. After graduating with honors from New York University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Arts, he established a renowned ‘theatre of art’, rediscovering lost masterpieces, bringing them to the public’s attention, and becoming tastemaker to hundreds of celebrities, VIP’s, collectors and supporters of the arts.

Nicknamed ‘The Oracle’ by Vogue magazine for his unique talent in discovering unappreciated treasures, Tod served as an advisor to some of the most culturally influential people of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries such as Malcolm Forbes, former governor Mario Cuomo, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Barbra Streisand, Terry Semel (former CEO of Yahoo and Warner Brothers Studio), Joel Silver, Arlene and Robert Kogod, Bob Daly, Max Palevsky (collection permanently housed in Los Angeles County Museum of Art), William and Marcia Goodman (collection permanently housed in the Cooper Hewitt Museum), and many more (see museum, Hollywood, private and corporate collections).

Tod was also instrumental in developing the American Wing at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, including the Decorative Arts, turn of the century period rooms, and the sculpture court. His expertise was invaluable in bringing American Art, for the first time, to top European museums, such as The Victoria and Albert Museum, The British Museum, and the Musee d’Orsay in Paris. The book “Treasures of the American Arts and Crafts Movement” published by renowned art book publisher, Thames and Hudson, celebrates his pioneering work on the style he made famous.

Tod was invited to the White House by the Vice President in recognition of his contribution to the arts and became one of the leading authorities in art and identifying current market trends.

ALAN MORELL, Management / Agent


Alan Morell is a top talent agent with 30 years of collective experience in the fields of entertainment, literary, TV, film, arts, corporate America and sports industries. His clients have gone on to win prestigious awards collectively: Grammy, Tony, Oscar, Emmy, ESPY, Victors, and NY Times Best Seller Author.

Alan Morell has served clients from myriad trades and talents, and has worked on over 2,500 campaigns. One client recently dubbed Morell an uber agent due to his prolific success in the field.

Morell also has experience in developing growth strategy and market positioning for clients, identifying celebrity associations for media campaigns, and coordinating with hundreds of news affiliates for live appearances and taped interviews.

Morell currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of THE CREATIVE MANAGEMENT AGENCY: Creative Management Partners LLC, located in Beverly Hills, CA. (433 North Camden Drive, 6th Floor, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210)

Tel: 508-292-7900,

HARRIS TULCHIN, Entertainment Counsel / Producer

IMG_0245Harris Tulchin is an entertainment lawyer, author, and producer’s representative. He graduated from Cornell University and Hastings Law School, and has practiced entertainment, communications, and multimedia law since 1978. He has served as Senior Vice President of Business Affairs and General Counsel for Cinema Group; General Counsel and Head of Business Affairs for KCET Television; Senior Counsel for United Artists; Director of Business Affairs at MGM Television; Counsel for American International Pictures; Counsel for Filmways Pictures; and Counsel for Orion Pictures. Mr. Tulchin is the co-author of a book considered one of the bibles of the motion picture industry, entitled: The Independent Film Producer’s Survival Guide: A Legal and Business Sourcebook, published by Schirmer Press, New York (2002, 2005, 2010).

He has lectured extensively at forums such as UCLA, USC, AFI, IFP, ShowBiz Expo, IFTA, The Sundance Producer’s Conference, Singapore Film & Television Conference, Cannes, Asia (Bangkok, Thailand and Beijing, China), Galway (Ireland), Los Angeles / AFI and Santa Barbara Film Festivals, Digital Hollywood, The Learning Annex, The International Film School in Cuba, Variety’s New York Film Finance Forum, and numerous others. Mr. Tulchin has been a member of the Full Sail Entertainment Business Academy Board of Advisors (Orlando, Florida) and was an Adjunct Professor of Entertainment Law at the Entertainment Law Institute of Southwestern University Law School.

As a private practitioner, his clients have included, among others: Sony Pictures, MGM/United Artists, Hallmark Entertainment, Lionsgate Pictures, MCA/Universal, Cineville/HBO, Showtime, Media 8 (formerly MDP Worldwide), PolyGram Pictures, and Summit Entertainment, LLC.

Mr. Tulchin was also an IFTA arbitrator and has served as an expert witness in numerous cases involving the motion picture and television business.

As a producer’s representative, Mr. Tulchin has sold, licensed, and/or helped finance hundreds of films on behalf of his production company clients and as a result this type of work has been entitled to credits as producer or executive producer of over a dozen films including To Sleep With Anger starring Danny Glover and directed by Charles Burnett (Sundance, Cannes 1990, winner of four Independent Spirit Awards); Cinecitta Studios written and directed by Paul Haggis (Crash and In the Valley of Elah), starring Liam Neeson, Mila Kunis, James Franco,  Olivia Wilde, Adrien Brody, Maria Bello, and Kim Basinger (2012/2013); Killing Season starring Robert De Niro and John Travolta (Georgia / Bulgaria, Corsan / Nu Image Co-production 2012), and many more.


mark goldsteinFor the past thirty years, Mark B. Goldstein has been a transactional attorney in Southern Florida focusing his legal practice in the areas of aviation, art, real estate and general corporate matters.

As an aviation attorney, he has consummated hundreds of business aircraft transactions both domestically and internationally.

In addition to his professional pursuits, he maintains numerous business interests in both the public and private sectors.

As an avid and knowledgeable art collector with a collection featuring Giacometti, Calder, Miro, Haring, Sam Francis, and Joan Mitchell, amongst others, Mr. Goldstein has combined his intense interest in the arts with his vast experience in transactional law. He routinely is engaged in the purchase, sale, financing and donation of master works of art on a worldwide basis.

Mr. Goldstein has facilitated and coordinated numerous donations of art for his clients to museums and accredited charities throughout the United States.

 LUCIA KAISER, Ambassador

IMG_0612Lucia Kaiser is a multiple Emmy award-winning producer, “Pioneer of the Arts” recipient, honored humanitarian and international powerbroker. Her celebrated career in the entertainment industry has spanned over forty years, and solidified her as a top insider with a contact base second to none.

Lucia began with a lengthy tenure on The Tonight Show as the program’s first woman executive and the show’s publicist and talent coordinator. She went on to co-found “Venus Advertising”, the first all-woman ad agency in New York City.  Then, as president of The Studio Film Exchange in New York, she earned the industry’s highest accolades for producing documentary films that also made a strong social contribution. Lucia went on to become the President of Bruce Lee’s distribution company, marketing his films worldwide.

Lucia has also raised millions of dollars for a multitude of humanitarian projects including her role as Chairperson of the Democratic Party during her many years in Hawaii. As co-founder of the national radio program “You Can Make A Difference”, she propelled the program to receive recognition by President George Bush as part of the “Points of Light” program and brought charities together internationally, raising millions.

Her high-profile friends and cohorts span the globe, reaching into some of the most powerful and influential circles on the planet. As a valued member of the highest social circles on the East Coast and in Europe, Kaiser has developed close personal friendships with such well-known personalities as President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton, Larry King, Prince Aly Khan, the Royal Families of England, Jordan, Spain, Denmark, Germany and Nepal, Prince Alwaleed, Prince Bandar, The Khashoggi Family, Prince Albert, Oprah Winfrey, Dionne Warwick,  “P” Diddy, Quincy Jones, Tony Bennett, Rod Stewart, Mick Jagger, Don Ohlmeyer (NBC), Richard Parsons (AOL Time Warner), Ted Turner, Tony Christopher (Landmark Entertainment) and many more.  Lucia has also established direct connections to the NBA, NFL and close ties to the Forbes 500 Foundation and many Fortune 500 companies.

Roanna Martin-Trigona, Consultant

close-up-SMILE-Claudia-G-AlbuquerqueRoanna Martin-Trigona has extensive experience in international business management, world politics, media placement, and public relations. Her reputation with high-level media outlets, celebrities, political figures, and the arts, coupled with full fluency in French, Italian, Spanish and English, brings a wealth of cultural, financial and business acumen to TMV Enterprises.

In the art world, Roanna’s public relations and marketing skills brought her together with top players in the art business. As managing director for renowned art dealer, George Mathysen-Gerst, she spearheaded fine art research, promotion and sales for both his New York and Geneva offices while supervising private treaties with Sotheby’s, Christies, and other international auction houses. She developed media campaigns for internationally acclaimed artists and photographers, securing interviews with news outlets such as NPR, CNN, New York Times, and Vanity Fair. She also organized major art exhibitions for notable celebrities in the New York art scene such as Peter Beard and Rober E. Fulton, Jr. at Exhibit A Gallery in SoHo, New York City.

With a strong background in sustainability and international conference planning, Roanna was rapporteur for the 2021 IUCN Climate Change Conference with Emanuel Macron and Harrison Ford for Edelman Italia and Ferrero SpA. She spearheaded Messengers of Peace, a Goodwill Ambassadors program to the United Nations, and supported the fundraising efforts of key public figures such as Kofi Annan, Muhammad Ali, Michael Douglas, Harry Belafonte, and Sir Peter Ustinov. She also promoted the Riverkeeper Water Keeper Alliance for Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

With her legal expertise, she served as research associate to The Honorable Richard N. Gardner, Henry L. Moses Professor at the Columbia University School of Law, former Ambassador to Spain and Italy, and Foreign Policy Advisor to the Democratic Party; in this capacity, she was a speechwriter for Democratic Presidential hopefuls.

Her education includes a Master’s from the University of Colorado, BA from Tufts University Jackson College, and Certification in Languages and Linguistics from the Georgetown University School of Foreign Affairs in association with the Association Internationale d’ Interpretes de Conference in Geneva. Roanna also completed the United Nations Graduate Student Intern Program.

Roanna will be a research/art consultant working with the creative team on the feature film and dramatic series fur television based on Tod Volpe’s book “Framed” produced by Mammoth Entertainment.