Tod Michael Volpe’s ability to generate quantifiable trendsetting opportunities within art markets and media is unparalleled. From New York to Los Angeles, Europe to the Middle East, Tod has not only mastered the present-day art world, he played a leading role in creating it. Through his exclusive consulting services in art investment strategies, art law, and media, Tod delivers nearly forty years of expertise to both individuals and corporations.

Dubbed “The Oracle” by Vogue magazine and awarded for his contributions to the Arts by The Vice President, Tod has consistently produced tangible results. A true pioneer, Tod spearheaded the development of the art scene in world-renowned New York City art district SoHo, introduced world-class art and established art collections among Hollywood’s elite, educated and furnished European Museums and residences of seminal European figures with American Decorative Art, and established Dubai as an essential international locale for Western art exhibitions and fairs.

Tod’s vision, acumen and experience enable him to foresee and utilize market opportunities. His savvy and intuitive use of media, exemplified by the hit movie Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?, which he both co-starred in and co-created, empowers him to selectively promote, market, and create a genuine fervor around a piece of art, a collection, or a concept.

Tod’s memoir “Framed”, about his life in the art world, is now being adapted as a major feature film. The screenplay is written by Academy Award-nominated, and Golden Globe and Emmy Award winning writer Terrance Winter (“Wolf of Wall Street”, “Board Walk Empire”, “The Sopranos”).

Whether you are a company or private investor looking to acquire works of art, an individual or legal firm seeking guidance through the inner-workings of the art world, possess a collection or specialty item in need of promotion and marketing, or seek an expert media consultant, Tod’s unique approach creates groundbreaking results.

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