Today’s art market is unregulated and the intentional lack of transparency can create potential issues for individuals, corporations, and institutions. In order to protect clients, Tod Volpe proactively assists individuals and companies in smoothly navigating the complicated waters of the art world. While the international art community faces challenges on multiple fronts, from security and provenance to intellectual property rights, tax and insurance issues, Tod’s nearly forty years of experience in the art industry enable him to pull back the curtain and reveal its nuances and inner workings with respect to museums, art galleries, auction houses, and dealers.

Through transparency, he brings clarity to the convoluted mechanics of the art world and helps legal advisors through the maze in order to secure personal or business investments and establish safeguards. He consults with law firms who handle legal cases for individuals, corporations or institutions on all types of art litigation.

He also actively consults in corporate and commercial art law matters and art-related issues, including, but not limited to: the purchase, consignment, sale and auction of major works of art, domestic and international loans of significant objects of art and art collections, organizing and implementing major museum and private exhibitions, purchases, contracts, purchase agreements, art investment deals, ventures, loans and consignments, general acquisitions, copyright, financing, authentication, insurance, title, attribution, art fraud, alternate forms of dispute resolution, trust, and tax and estate planning questions, among others.