Framed, based on Tod Volpe’s acclaimed mémoire of the same name, is now being adapted as a major feature film. The screenplay is written by 2014 Academy Award-nominated, and Golden Globe and Emmy Award-winning writer, Terrance Winter (“Wolf of Wall Street”, “Board Walk Empire”, “The Sopranos”).

The film exposes the dark side of the American Dream: false illusions of life, obsession with celebrity and image, and the corruption behind big business and government. The film reveals Tod as a character whose emotional sensitivities and creative genius lead him to briefly lose his equilibrium in a passionate attempt to satisfy increasingly inflated and ultimately impossible expectations, and while doing so, discloses the secretive high-class, high-power art world, where billions of dollars are moved both legally and illegally every day.

Seduced by the power of illusion but determined to discover the truth, Tod learns that nothing on earth is worth the price of your soul. His extraordinary journey leads him to the realization that, when you deceive yourself, life is a pictureless frame, but that through a vision of truth, life’s infinite boundaries are beautiful, precious, and ever-expanding—the ultimate work of art.

In addition to the feature film, the “Framed” brand is poised to extend to a dramatic television series which will further expose the dark inner workings of the international art world and the complex, fascinating characters that inhabit it.