Tod Volpe has become widely known as a master commentator and insight provider, accumulating extensive hands-on experience which runs the gamut from television, film and radio, to print and digital media. A master of words who captivates audiences with his eloquent and insightful speech, Tod applies his incomparable art-world savvy to achieve broadcasters’ dual goals of clarity and entertainment.

Tod is one of the foremost authorities on the arts for television, documentary, and feature film production. He not only co-starred in, but was the driving force behind the creation of the feature documentary film Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock?, bringing television producing legend Don Hewitt (60 Minutes) on board. Tod’s creative approach led the film to international awards and acclaim, and prompted a Saudi billionaire to offer $9,000,000 US dollars for the painting featured in the film on the basis of the extensive media exposure which he generated. Tod is currently the guiding force behind the up coming film and TV series based on his mémoire “Framed”, bringing light to the inner workings of the art world.

Immense oratory skills and the unique ability to make a complicated art-world matter easily comprehensible make Tod a valuable asset as a commentator and consultant in all mediums. He excels in both live and pre-recorded television, and has been extensively featured on major national and international news outlets such as MSNBC, the BBC, CNN, and the major US broadcast networks. He appears on The Today Show to speak about events involving art, and has also appeared repeatedly on other national daytime talk shows to discuss art-related matters, as well as his own personal life journey and important issues such truth vs illusion. Tod’s ability to speak masterfully, contribute enlightened perspective, and bring a story to life is unsurpassed.

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