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Tod Volpe has successfully solidified himself as a preeminent art-world media strategist, communicator, and storyteller. Over the past four decades he has been interviewed and featured internationally in books, magazines, newspapers, radio and TV talk shows, film and digital media. From full book chapters written about his influence and contributions to the 20th century art world, to elite magazines such as Vogue identifying him as a global trendsetter, to leading live television broadcasts, such as The Today Show where he appears as an art-world commentator, to his acclaimed mémoire “Framed” now being produced as a feature film of the same name, he has mastered the navigation and utilization of the media to generate tangible results.

His media experience began four decades ago, when Rita Reif of the New York Times interviewed Tod and wrote a review of his gallery that helped catapult him to fame. Since then he has become a distinguished expert in media strategy and communication. As a commentator on both live and pre-recorded television, he has appeared on national and international news outlets such as MSNBC, the BBC, CNN, and the major US broadcast networks.

A chapter was devoted to Tod in the recently published book “The Art Prophets”, in which author Richard Polsky introduces us to influential late twentieth-century tastemakers in the art world, who as risk takers, opened doors for artists, identified new movements, and resurrected art forms that had fallen into obscurity.

The full-length feature film Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? exemplifies Tod’s unique ability to navigate the media and utilize it to promote and market art. He not only co-starred in the movie, but was the driving force behind its creation, bringing both the director and world-renowned producer Don Hewitt (60 Minutes) to the table. The film was featured in international film festivals and theaters across the nation, and remains a staple on HBO, Showtime and other pay-channels. Due to the movie’s success, Tod was able to generate a 9,000,000 USD offer for the film’s featured painting, which the owner had purchased at a thrift shop for a mere $5.

Tod’s creativity, intellect, strategic proficiency and oratory skills have cemented his standing as a world-renowned cultural media expert.