Navigating the art world is akin to finding your way through a maze. Through exposure and transparency it becomes possible to view where you are going. While most art-world entities choose to disguise the mechanisms that drive the multi-billion dollar art business, we unveil what truly exists behind the sacred curtain.

Our goal is to bring truth to the surface: we work with Investors, Collectors and Institutions to platform art authentication that then leads to smart investing and money management. Through art investment advising, we help educate investors and collectors in terms of what to look for in the markets of buying and selling.

Whether you face challenges with auction houses, are perplexed as to how dealers work, or need advice on securing a successful long term portfolio, our team will help you find clarity and the correct financial position. Grounded in experience and wisdom, through careful analysis and strategic planning we will guide you through the process.

Here are a few recent case studies:

  • Joshua Reynolds Self Portrait: Purchased for 700 USD sold for 1,000,000 USD. Read More
  • Who the #$&% is Jackson Pollock: Painting purchased for 5 USD received 9,000,000 USD offer. Read More
  • Anthony Van Dyke: Purchased for 25,000 USD sold for 2,000,000 USD. Read More.
  • The Eye: Special edition leather bound book created for promotion and marketing of Salvador Dalí’s masterpiece of the same name. Read More